Funding for Your Research, Development and Innovation Project

After many years of experience in EU funding schemes, project management and proposal writing we can offer supporting services from the very beginning till the end of your project. Focusing on the impact of the project, we are able to clearly and efficiently justify your technological innovation, market potential, environmental and social aspects, technical and non-technical barriers and “sell” your idea properly.

  • Funding Advice: We identify the best suitable EU funding scheme for your innovation project.
  • Proposal Preparation: We can elaborate with you a competitive grant application for Horizon 2020 or another (EU) funding scheme.
  • Project Management: We are a reliable partner for (EU) Project Management. We can assume responsibility for administration, reporting, finances, the organisation of meetings and many more tasks.
  • Project Communications: As a project partner, we create websites, print material and various other communication tools, support you in organising project events, and develop marketing plans.

Market, competitive and technology intelligence (MCTI)

We monitor, assess, and leverage technologies.

Nowadays, technological innovations can be fundamental to business success. Competitive technical intelligence enables companies to identify where technology can deliver a competitive advantage in areas such as marketing, product design, and R&D. We monitor the technical environment, identify technological developments, assess the potential of new technologies, and analyse their effect upon the business, customers and competitors.

We can offer the following technology intelligence services:

  • State of Art/context Analysis
  • Patent intelligence & technology monitoring
  • Strategic & technology roadmapping

Innovation assessment

Not every idea is innovative enough to succeed a huge competition in the research and innovation projects. Our team will evaluate your business idea competitiveness from the technical, financial and environmental feasibility and suggest suitable funding programme, call and topic to apply. We also assist SMEs to develop their innovation management capabilities in order to increase their competitiveness and grow more effectively.

We can help you in the following activities:

  • Business Modeling
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Financial Projections
  • Market Research
  • Risks Analysis
  • Exploitation and Intellectual Properties
  • Data Management

Open Innovation

Traditionally, new business development processes and the marketing of new products took place within firm boundaries. Recently, companies have shifted from so-called closed innovation processes towards a more open way of innovating.

Open innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively. We help companies to learn and develop this new approach by monitoring and search for new technologies and ideas outside of the firm but also through cooperation with suppliers and competitors, in order to create customer value.

Events and training organization

We are closely cooperating with specialized partners (universities, research centres, industry companies, SMEs, associations, architects, etc.) all around Europe which help us to complement our expertise. Through the cooperation with our partners we are able to deliver a wide range of services related to meeting, conference and training organization.