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FENIX TNT is a company actively involved in the development of business opportunities in the construction sector, including the promotion of real estate and infrastructure projects. In this framework, the company has a deep understanding of the value chains involved, business models and emerging business propositions which relates to the field of energy efficiency, retrofitting, demolition and reuse. Life cycle approaches and total cost of ownership are our drivers. Because of the multidisciplinary and strong cross-sectoriality today involved in construction, we work at the interface of industrial sectors, supplying materials and equipment. FENIX TNT has access to a wide network of architects, designers and stakeholders in key sectors such as steel, non-ferrous, ceramic, natural stone, glass, chemical and cement industry. FENIX TNT has internal construction and building assessment knowledge, instrumental for the drafting of techno-economic feasibility studies as well as LCA/LCC analysis, business modelling and market research across Europe with focus on material efficiency, product life extension and product recycling. FENIX TNT has long experience in communication activities and dissemination planning related to the construction sector, in this framework the company can design specific dissemination campaigns made of various dissemination methods with in-house production capabilities and expertise oriented towards the need of audience. We have a long experience in the preparation of dissemination and exploitation plan within the framework of research and innovation projects funded by the EC, including comprehensive business and commercialisation plans for innovations in the construction sector. Fenix develop communication strategies for small, large research organisations and collaborative projects funded by EC, creating proactive links between the research and industrial communities on one side and the media on the other side. In this respect, FENIX TNT define the target audience and identify the most suitable dissemination and outreach channels. FENIX TNT has in house video editing expertise to properly communicate the key messages of innovations at different levels, citizens, policy makers, scientific community, … FENIX TNT overall is able to coordinate and manage communication and dissemination activities of an entire research and innovation project. This include the set up, implementation and maintenance of the project website and community-building activities in order to reach out to a high number of stakeholders, produce and distribute articles for web communication and press releases, manage the realisation and distribution of eNewsletters, produce videos and dissemination materials.
Our HeadQuarters are in Brno, Trida Kapitana Jarose 28, in the block of Cerna Pole. The luxurious area offers great opportunities for business networking and discovery.
You can visit us with an appointment:
call us at +420 538 728 817 (fax +420 545 224 216)

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